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About Commercialization

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Seed Capital Investments

The Seed Capital Investment Program (SCIP) can provide working capital to help support the initial capitalization or expansion of technology-based companies located in Arkansas. The program can provide working capital up to $500,000 of the company's total financing needs. Investments made by the SCIP fund can be repaid through a variety of instruments, including direct loans, participations and royalties.

We provide up to $500,000 to develop technology and start high-tech companies.

Investment Application - PDF

Rules - PDF


Ross Herpin 
Senior Manager, Commercialization
(501) 682-8695


How High -Tech Companies Use ASTA Investments

Nanomech received $500,000 to commercialize advanced nanotechnology based coatings for cutting tools.

Unityware received $44,000 to commercialize software for database integration.

Safe Foods received $50,000 to commercialize cetylpyridinium chloride as a treatment in food processing.

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