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About Commercialization

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Supporting Innovation

AEDC provides financial resources to help the growth of innovative companies, and products through the use of grants, investments and tax incentives.


Technology Transfer Assistance Grant

The TTAG Program is now managed through AEDC Manufacturing Solutions.

The Technology Transfer Assistance Program Grant is one of the longest running forms of commercialization assistance. This program is most frequently used by recipients to fund the writing of larger federal grant submissions. Commercialization clients have obtained millions of dollars in small business innovation grants through the use of TTAGs.

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Investment Funds

Technology Development Program Investments

The Technology Development Program Investment, or TDP for short, provides royalty financing for qualified science and technology projects with a potential for economic and employment growth in the state of Arkansas. The goal of the Technology Development Program is to assist in commercializing new technology-based products and processes.

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Seed Capital Investments

The Seed Capital Investment Program, or SCIP, can provide working capital to help support initial capitalization or expansion of technology-based companies located in Arkansas. The Program is designed to foster the formation and development of innovative, technology-based business enterprises that will stimulate the economy of Arkansas through increased employment of a knowledge-based workforce and the leveraging of private investment.

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Tax Credits & Incentives - Research & Development

It is important for the applicant to understand the different incentives and to select the most appropriate for the eligible research and development activity.

R&D Tax Incentives Program

Tax credits are intended to provide incentives for university-based research, in-house research, and research and development in start-up, technology-based enterprises.

Centers for Applied Technology

The Centers for Applied Technology Program is a competitive effort to encourage greater collaboration between private enterprises and Arkansas colleges and universities in the development and application of new technologies. Private enterprises funding applied research at a Center for Applied Technology qualify for an income tax credit equal to 33% of qualified research expenditures.

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How High-Tech Companies Use Investments

Nanomech received $500,000 to commercialize advanced nanotechnology based coatings for cutting tools.

Unityware received $44,000 to commercialize software for database integration.

Safe Foods received $50,000 to commercialize cetylpyridinium chloride as a treatment in food processing.

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